Very useful - fills a missing need

I used to have my own personal email appliance; (I had purchased it from a company). One of the features they had added to it was the Files app from NextCloud. Unfortunately, the company has chosen to exit the market, and warned us customers that we needed to do something to replace the services which would be shutting down. I learned what was needed to run my own mail server.

After that was out of the way, I wanted to also replace the NextCloud Files function. I went ahead and spun up a whole new instance of NextCloud from the Community Projects code.

Man, NextCloud is useful. Yes, I have my Files sync process back; but I now have so much more.

I’ve always been someone who likes checklists, but didn’t really feel that I had a good solution for it. Anyone remember Borland Sidekick?

Anyway, for a very long time, this was not a solved problem for me. The tasks on my smartphone weren’t available on the web. Tasks on my PC’s weren’t available on my smartphone. I didn’t want my personal tasks mixed with my work email. I tried Evernote, but worried that if they ever went out of business, I’d be in trouble. And really, I would rather be holding on to my own data. (Yes, I backup my NextCloud server (encrypted) to a cloud backup provider). Now I’ve got the best of both worlds: a personal task list / to-do list with short and long term tasks, available anywhere I have Internet.

Thank you, NextCloud team, for your work and service. You have made something truly useful. It has made my life better, and I’m sure that is true for so many more of your users.


Thank you for the kind message! :hearts:

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