Very slow web interface with external smb storage with approx 80000 files and folders

We have installed nextcloud 16.0.3 on apache and php fpm 7.1 and mysql. Connected external storage via smb from windows server with approx 80000 files and folders. Root folder have approx 8000 folders. Every foldeer load takes tens of seconds. I went through a lot of discussion and did a series of recommended settings, but without success.

Thanks for any advice

I have the same problem. Do you fix it?

No. We are using smaller folders and do not use external storage :frowning: for now

Sometimes installing improves the situation.

libsmbclient-php nothing improved for us

Same issue here. Any headway on this guys?

I cant get a folder to show its contents if it actually has large amount of files. It just shows empty. Doesn’t even bother to spin.

it looks external storage itself causes this problem. without external storage NC is fast, each mounted external storage is slowing down all parts of the system a little bit.

Well this blows. My USB HDD shared drive is grinding my server’s I/O to a halt…