Very Slow upload speed to NextCloud using s3 as primary storage

Hi all , I have a problem with very slow upload speed. I use nextcloud 15 OS Ubuntu 2 core 4 Gb RAM on EC2 and s3 as primary storage. When I upload the file or video, it took too long to finish. Pls hlep me to solve this problem.

??? Nextcloud 15 is unsupported.

sry . I used V18.0.3-IVCISA.

Ok. Please post more details like config, logs, … measure up speed (time, size, …).

Here is my s3 config.

I found some error in system log file…

when i upload 300Mb file, it took an hour to finish.

Perhaps you have not installed the package “php-intl”.

sudo apt install php-intl
sudo phpenmod intl
sudo systemctl restart apache2

Please read also the errors in your nextcloud administration panel.

Finished to fix this error. But upload connection is still slow…

Please post a new screenshot of the errors.