Very slow SMB enumeration

Be patient please, first time using this product.

Running in a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V VM. Installed from the VHD file.

First install was running well until I tried to change the local IP address and broke it. Started anew with a fresh copy of the VHD file. The new instance is extremely show enumerating the SMB shares from a Server 2008 R2 VM running on the same physical host. Again, the first install seemed fine. I can’t think of anything different now.

When adding/verifying external storage it’s slow to display the green success indicator (the spinning wheel goes for about 30 seconds). This is about the same delay enumerating the folder contents.

Have as much turned off in NextCloud as I can- we don’t need local or any storage other than one SMB folder.

Have allocated 4GB of RAM and 2 virtual processors to the NextCloud VM (the original instance was running well with 512MB RAM and 1 proc).

Happy for any suggestion about where to look.

Thank you.

Logfiles are a good location to look for errors. You can also have a look at the processes running on your server, if one is always at the limits. A badly configured database can slow down the whole process considerably.

It was an issue with local name resolution. The VHD was setup to get an IP from DHCP at setup, then prompt for a static assignment, but it never picked up local DNS servers. They were staticallly set to Google’s DNS servers, so when I setup the local storage using just the NetBIOS server name, it had to resolve via broadcast. When I tried using the FQDN, it was resolving to the public IP address mapped to the internal address. Because there is no loopback on the NAT rule, that didn’t work at all.

My remaining mystery is that I have to use an IP address in the LDAP setup screen; if I use the NetBIOS or FQDN of the Domain Controller, it doesn’t work.

Great product, by the way. Some things I’ve noticed so far that might be helpful: Some way to pre-build thumbnails on the NextCloud server for faster display on mobile/remote devices, a way to save images in the iDevice app to local storage, and a way for admins to restrict the options in the mobile app (i.e., we don’t want users to redirect their personal photo storage to company servers, though that is a nice option for non-business users).

For your LDAP issue, please open a new topic.

I will thanks, but I also think that if it’s set for DHCP it should pick up DNS servers via DHCP as well; having them statically set even though DHCP is selected is confusing. That said, I’m not sure if that’s a NextCloud or TechAndMe pre-built VHD.

If there is a problem with the virtual machine, they are providing, you should open an issue on