Very slow capturing new auto-upload pictures iOS 17.last

Hi All,
I have an issue from last month. I have Nextcloud 28.last with iPhone 11, iOS 17.last version. When I take picture and then open Nextcloud app, to auto-upload the picture/s, i need to wait couple of minutes nextcloud ios app to understand that there are new pictures. Before 1 month it takes maybe 1-2 seconds and then the upload starts.
Any advise would be helpful.

Hello @kraaas ,

welcome to the community of Nextcloud.

My setup is nearly the same. Only a newer phone, but within a second it detects new photos after opening NC app and upload starts.

That was before maybe month… I create new account and perform full sync of more than 8400 pictures from the phone. After that, again the same behavior, take a picture, open NC app, wait 2-3 minutes and after that the pictures are captured and uploaded