Very high memory usage on Nextcloud AIO

Hi !

I set up Nextcloud AIO on a 2 GB Linode instance, and I notice that the instance consistently runs with all the physical memory and swap saturated to nearly 100%. See picture below from the Nextcloud > Settings > System view. The Nextcloud instance works well in general, but every 30 minutes or so, it just becomes completely unresponsive for a few minutes before returning to normal again. I am wondering if this is related to the high memory usage.

I wonder if others face the same issue, and what amount of RAM is appropriate for a Nextcloud AIO instance.


I would recommend to use at least 4GB of RAM for AIO.

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I made that a bit more clear with Make system requirements a bit more clear · nextcloud/all-in-one@115b295 · GitHub

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Thanks @szaimen

This instance is mainly for personal use, and occasional file editing in the browser. I will try upgrading to 4 GB and monitor the memory use.

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It seems to be doing a lot better with 4 GB RAM. Everything is a lot faster. Thanks lot @szaimen !

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Consider adding the point of user to system resource ratio too.

Higher then number of simultaneous users and installed apps, more system resources you may need.

For example, my nextcloud installation runs fine with 2GB RAM and 512MB SWAP. Memory usage is around 1GB with no swapping in idle times, but when there is load of many concurrent users, system usage shoots up dramatically !!

At peak time, I have to allocate upto 16GB RAM to sustain the load for a responsive performance !!

Otherwise, this NextCloud VM (snap installation) is happy to cruise with 2GB RAM !!


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