Very bad experience with

Within the last 3-4 months, I made very bad experiences with the basic Nextcloud service by So I want to inform users and warn from using that service.

The provider is listed here in the providers section - after my bad experience I motion to remove them for others not get disappointed in Nextcloud due to the providers faults.

My experiences in short: Bad initial configuration, lots of downtime and non-accessibility of the Nextcloud in normal operation, server faults (hardware defects) and data loss on server AND clients due to faulty instated, 3 week old backup.
No intentions from support to resolve data loss (>6 weeks passed). NO NOTICE ABOUT ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS!

Few details:
Faulty initial Nextcloud configuration (unable to connect clients, needed 1 1/2 days for support to resolve the issue).
General impression: They started setting up Nextcloud in June '18, and are only learning themselves how to manage it correctly.

Beginning August 2018: Defect of the server, downtime of about 4 days. Without notice they made a badly set-up backup from 3 weeks prior to the data loss go online. This caused all clients to revert the local data to the state of the backup - i.e. data loss on server side AND forcibly, due to bad handling by the provider on client side. NO NOTIFICATION whatsoever about any of this.

Any support requests concerning recovering the lost data claimed to be coming forward within some couple of days. After 4 weeks they answered that it would be a issue to spend more time on recovering the data from the drives.

A post on their facebook site detailing my problems and asking for a statement was deleted without notice. Another facebook user reported similar data loss. Subsequently they disabled the comment functionality there.

With all these bad experiences I highly warn from using services of that provider and motion to remove from the list of suggested providers.

Comments are appreciated.

There are a lot of providers in the list, I haven’t seen any requirements to be on this list.

I’d first subscribe to a free package or some short time subscription to test a provider. It can be interesting to come to a Nextcloud event, there are a few hosters which are part of the community (contributing to apps etc.). Ideally you know how to spin up a server yourself, or you know someone who knows…

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