Version Control - Is this now standard?


Current ownCloud user but looking to implement Nextcloud instead. version control in ownCloud,I thought, was an addon module created by a community member. Has Nextcloud implemented version control as standard now?

I’ve always wanted a way to serve up our company documents in ownCloud and grant our staff the ability to checkin/checkout documents so as to track changes and ensure changes are not overwritten by other staff.


I think this function is nothing a cloud solution should provide. Something like redmine or JIRA is what you are searching for.

Hi Ben,

Sorry for the misunderstanding…I should have added the link.

It would appear from this page that version control already exists in nextcloud:

Doesn’t look to be an addon either. I’ll have to install nextcloud to take it for a spin.

It is an app but it is provided by the core developers. So you don’t need to download it and it’s also enabled by default (I think). You already linked the documentation, if you want to change the default behavior, you have some options you can set in config/config.php:

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I think what you are asking is something more like Git? So you can manually make a version of a document (i.e. commit) with a custom message, and then later download that specific version.

The built-in NC versions app (which is built-in in oC too) is slightly different, it automatically create versions of files, but because storage is finite also removes old versions. So at the end you don’t have control on which versions it stores. (Which is for the specific goal of the versions app good of course).

If there was an ownCloud app which provides the wanted behaviour, and this app works with ownCloud 9.0 or 9.1 this should work in Nextcloud too.

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And I think your comment reveals major incompetence. The OP asked about check/in-check/out file versioning, also known as delta-V, a standard feature of Enterprise Document Management Systems such as Documentum since about the last millennium. Its standards for the WebDAV protocol date back to 2002.

Play nice, and don’t resurrect year-old posts please :thumbsup: