Version Comparisons

Is there a reference that I can share with businesses I’m assisting to shift from Google to Nextcloud?
They are seeing various version reviews (16, 17, 18, latest) and getting confused as to what pathway to take and why?

For those making the strategic decisions, while this page is a great resource to set the scene for them it is confusing.

I’m thinking may be a table with a list and ys/no with the various attributes of the install and also where the “hub” fits in as well.

Nothing critical I’m just seeking to provide for them a better solution in so many ways.



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There is not much option, in the end, in terms of which version to use. As Nextcloud is developed, older versions will be deprecated, and everyone must use more up to date versions if they want to receive updates.

Older versions are supported for a while, and it can make sense to sense to stay on a slightly older, more mature version. But it doesn’t really make sense to choose between versions based on features, because we’ll all have to move to the latest versions after a while, whatever their feature set brings.


Not discovered that

Go for the latest stable version but wait till at least one update to avoid most of the minor bugs. No reason not to take the latest version.



I do not think there is a choice, older version are still maintained (to a certain extent) for security reasons not as an alternative choice to the most recent version … (that’s my take on this, maybe it’s not the official thinking …)

In any case moving from Google to Nextcloud makes the choice of v18 obvious (my opinion): the seamless integration of OnlyOffice in v18 is a real plus for people using Google Docs … again it’s only my opinion, I aways avoided Google Apps so I’m not the one to be able to compare Nextcloud Hub (v18) with Google, but I guess it’s the main reason for choosing v18 right away.

I’m myself in the proces of upgrading about 10 NC to v18, it’s a lengthy process for me, at the same time I’m shifting servers and upgradings OS’s from Debian 9 (PHP7.0) to 10 (PHP7.3).
Also beware that you cannot upgrade above v15 with PHP7.0.

Hope this helps .