Version 4.0.0 of Forms released πŸš€

Brave users might already updated their Nextcloud server to version 28, that versions brings a lot of new UI elements which we also adapted and thus are happy to announce a Nextcloud 28 compatible version of Forms :sparkles:

Meaning Forms 4.x will target Nextcloud 28 and newer, while we still maintain Forms 3.x for Nextcloud 26.x and 27.x.

What’s new in Forms 4.0.0?

:one: You can not transfer the ownership of a form to another user!

:two: While it was already possible to give an other user permissions to see results of your form, you can now also give a user permissions to delete submissions (this is an optional new permission that you can set).

:three: Did you ever acidently leave a form and all progress was lost? This will not happen again, if you have unsaved changes you will be asked for confirmation now.

:four: This release also includes all bug fixes and features that are included in Forms 3.4.3, meaning i. a. it is now possible to search for users by email in the sharing section.

There are even more features, you can find the full change log on GitHub .

Besides new features :sparkles: we also included many bug fixes :bug:, updated translations :speaking_head: and dependencies.
Check it out on the app store and as always feel free to help improving it by reporting any issues you encounter, help translating it on Transifex or contribute on GitHub.

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