Version 3.4.0 of Forms released ๐Ÿš€

We are happy to announce a new version of Forms, this one brings a lot of new features for currently supported Nextcloud versions 26 and 27 :sparkles:

:warning: Important
This version drops support for EOL PHP 7.4 and EOL Nextcloud 25, so make sure to update to at least Nextcloud 26 and PHP 8.0.

:rocket: New features

:one: The โ€œotherโ€-answer"
One of the most often requested feature was the ability to add an โ€œotherโ€-answer. This is now possible:
For more information see it on GitHub.

:two: Share with circles
It is now also possible to also share forms with circles!

:three: Notifications on shared results
If you have permissions to see the results of a shared form, you now can opt-in to receive notifications for new submissions to it.

:four: Validation on short text inputs
We have added build in support to validate answers of the โ€œshort inputโ€ type for email addresses, phone numbers, number in general and also allow you to valide the answers based on a custom regular expression.

:five: Initial right-to-left language support
We have fixed our app to support right-to-left texts, like in descriptions. There is still work to be done but we a first step is done!
More information on the GitHub pull request

There are even more features, you can find the full change log on GitHub.

Besides new features we also included many bug fixes, updated translations and dependencies, check it out on the app store.


I forgot to update you here but as you might noticed we released some bugfix and minor enhancements versions

  • 3.4.1 (28th November 2023):
    • :bug: This fixed an issue were you could not set the new โ€œallow other answerโ€ option.
  • 3.4.2 (28th November 2023):
    • :bug: Fixed a regression where you were not possible to move questions using the buttons instead of drag-and-drop.
  • 3.4.3 (12th December 2023):
    • :sparkles: Add Forms to header title on public link view (see on GitHub)
    • :sparkles: Allow to search for users by email in the sharing section (see on GitHub)
  • 3.4.4 (9th January 2024):
    • :exclamation: Prevent race condition on unique-submission forms

3.4.4 includes a security fix! Previously it was possible to craft requests so that is was possible to submit multiple answers even if the form was configured to only submit one answer per user.

Hope you enjoy the app and as always feel free to help improving it by reporting any issues you encounter, help translating it on Transifex or contribute on Github :smiley:

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We have just released a new version with a few more bug fixes and dependency updates

  • v3.4.5 (2nd Feburary 2024)
    • :sparkles: Better text contrast for form description #1884
    • :bug: Fix sharing form #1909
    • :bug: stop filtering result while sharing #1896
    • :bug: fix empty content public page view #1905

The update will be available any time soon on the app store. Have fun and also think about updating your NC to 28, where we have added some cool new features!