Verify that cron is working


I see a few posts about cron not working. It’s typical, because cron very often doesn’t work.

This is why I’d like to confirm that it’s working. I have no reason to suspect that it doesn’t work, except because cron very often doesn’t work.

When the /var/www/nextcloud/cron.php file is run, I don’t see any kind of message in any log indicating success. I don’t know what it does internally or how to confirm that it is indeed doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Does the cron.php script leave any kind of evidence that would indicate success?


cron is well documented and it is working. See

See that you have to specify the user to call php cron.


Perhaps I’m not being clear.

I used that documentation, and I’ve specified the relevant user to indeed call PHP (with a full path, in fact) to the cron script. My problem is not that cron doesn’t work.

I need to verify that it works. My question is: How do I know whether the script is being successfully run or not?


Do not know about any result value. See

If don’t get any answer here I would recommend to contact devs on IRC.


Log in to the web interface as admin and go to:

Settings > Administration/Basic settings > Background jobs?


Yeah the cron on OS-side should work very reliable. Never found a reason to doubt that. The web UI admin panel as stated shows a warning if cron didn’t run for more than 30 minutes. To see actual background tasks log, you can set log level to debug (0).

EDIT: And of course you can check the syslog on the server (when using systemd: journalctl) to check the particular cron executions of the webserver user. By default it does not show failures, but one can increase verbosity e.g. via /etc/default/cron, depending on OS.