Various problems with Nextcloud via Snap

Hey! For over 2 weeks I’ve got this issue. More like a series of them, and I’m unable to find a valid solution to them.

Problem 1

For some weird reason all images are located on http://localhost:81, tho there should be nothing pointing torwards localhost. Since it is placed on external domain.

Problem 2

Open Video on
For some reason when I do try to login, I enter valid credentials, and then for god’s sake nothing happens UNTIL i refresh using Cmd+R, then I get redirected straight to dashboard. What’s the issue…

Problem 3

I am from Poland, as so as my all users, how can I force so the UI will be always polish for everyone

Help would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.


For Problem 1, check in your theming settings… If any such odd value is present.

Problem 2 seems to be due to browser caching, delete the cache / cookie / etc, and try to check the result, otherwise you can try the incognito mode as well to be sure if it is a client end issue or server end.