Values vor "type" in db:convert-type?

I’ve finally managed to migrate to a MySQL 5.7 database, only to see that it’ll be incompatible with Nextcloud 21. MY other option is a more compatible MariaDB 10.5, which I have already set up. Now I’m trying to run the occ db:convert-type command again, but have no idea what to use for the “type” parameter. “mariadb” or “maria” are unknown, mysql gives me the message that it can’t convert from mysql to mysql.

I don’t find any documentation for the type parameter other than “type of the target database”, and all examples on the web seem to migrate away from MariaDB, not to it.

So what do I need to put there?

Sorry i am not an export with databases. But MySQL and MariaDB are very similar in contrast to SQLite to MySQL/MariaDB. I think you do not need the command.

Can you post error messages or documentations asking you to execute this command?

Read this documentation

emphasis is on SQLite

You can convert a SQLite database to a better performing MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL database with the Nextcloud command line tool. SQLite is good for testing and simple single-user Nextcloud servers, but it does not scale for multiple-user production servers.

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Thank you. My take on the command was that it was also an implicit DB migration. After all, it moved all tables from SQLite to MySQL. So I suppose what I really need to do is to find a way to clone the database using some SQL tool, with no other conversion necessary?

Any suggestions for such a tool?

I think you want to migrate the database from MySQL to MariaDB.
Read this documentation. Most is not needed for you.

I think you must only dump the database in MySQL and import it in MariaDB. You can use graphic tools or maybe the command line. Sorry not tested. You need to install mysqldump.

mysqldump --all-databases --user=root --password --master-data > backupdb.sql

I think you must first then uninstall MySQL and install MariaDB and then:
mysql -u root -p < backupdb.sql

This is a little bit like backup and restore. Read both articles for details.

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Thanks a bunch - I’m not an expert myself, either.