Valid open source Nextcloud alternatives

Has anyone found a good self hosted alternative? has anybody thought that if they went “enterprise” nextcloud it would work better? I bet it hasn’t. looking for an alternative. any suggestions?

Sure thing. Your best bet is to use the internet and simply search for options you prefer.
Truth is that Nextcloud is as good as it gets, because it is fully open source.

Other options are not.
Fully open source does not mean freemium or open core.
Unfortunately, there is an endless battle between providing open software while discovering and resolving conflicting opportunities to make money… it is up to the developers to decide what works for them.

The projects you can use will include far fewer features. The number one would be:

  • Filestash - open source version does not support Single Sign On.
    Frontend webui that requires you provide your own syncing from Minio or Syncthing or FTP or …? It will allow access on the web and support sharing.
    • Main advantage here is that this modular setup allows you to have fully decentralized file syncing with e2e encryption using a tool like Syncthing.
    • no arm64 builds available.
    • You’ll be totally on your own for everything.
  • etesync - e2e encrypted calendar and contacts.
  • projectsend - for sharing files is another option
    Lots of other projects, but each only captures a smaller aspect of what Nextcloud offers. Up to you on if that makes sense.

This is a real option, but it will certainly require you do quite a bit of leg work with no promise that it will scale out easily. Since the open source filestash does not support single sign on, you might have difficulty with allowing users to easily manage credentials between these services, etc. Or, forget about the webui and focus on using Syncthing to share your files and folders between locations. You can always attempt to add a front with stash or Filebrowser, etc. Good luck!

Open core projects

All have imposed limitations and proprietary aspects. Advantage is they include syncing, webui and the bells and whistles.

Proprietary projects such as Filerun I will not discuss further here.


I thing you are lost in wrong forum, this one is around Nextcloud and is not about alternatives… beside of whining you didn’t bring up any good point - once you know the issues check out alternatives and come back I’ll be happy to discuss better alternatives…

definitely the options exist and not everybody is happy how Nextcloud GmbH cares about community but at the moment source code is free and everybody can fork it.

definitely there are issues - but for me looks good now… after some really big mistakes I feel last 2-3-4 months Nextcloud GmbH changed the mind a little and focused on stability… I have almost nothing to complain (and if you know me in real life you know I’m master in complaining).


My Nextcloud system has been running like a champ for quite a while now.

If you had a bunch of problems with it, it’s either because of your configuration or your hardware. Nextcloud software itself doesn’t have that many problems when set up appropriately. I’m guessing since you signed up a new forum account to announce your discontentment, you didn’t come here looking for assistance, so I’ll just say good luck.


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