Vagrant VirtualBox machine of Nextcloud 15.0.0


Hello there,
I would like to share a very basic vagrant virtual box machine to have a ready to use installation of the new Nextcloud 15.0.0.

The objective of this box is to save time from manually installing nextcloud on a clean machine, for example for development purposes. Some time a developer is interested only in the development of a nextcloud app, but he spend a lot of minutes to setup a new machine.

The vagrant box is here:
and to have the virtual box machine ready to use, you have only to execute:

vagrant up

After that you can login to nextcloud as admin, user1 and user2 with a default password as explained here.

The virtual machine is a NethServer linux distribution.

It could be useful for someone ?
Any comment or suggestion to improve are very welcome.

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We also have the vm-images from Nextcloud (they use vagrant as well):



Hi There,

Is there any latest Vagrant box image available for testing latest NextCloud version?

Ashish Barot

Did you try link from above?

HI Gas,

Thanks for reply.

No I had not tried that Vagrant box image, as it is 3 years old.

As of today, the latest version is - Latest stable version: 22.1.1

And the URL of Vagrant is of version 15.0

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Thats could be, but 1 above is this:

And latest release is almost 3 Weeks ago grafik