V28 totally broken?

Upgraded to 28.0.1 and it seems everything is broken. Can’t drag-and-drop files to upload them anymore. Can add a password to a file. Users can access/download the file without the password. Trying to set the expiration date is nearly impossible because the field keeps changing and there is no pick calendar or anything. Even when I do upload a file successfully, it shows it was uploaded “10 minutes” ago when it was a tiny file that uploaded in about 3 seconds. I wasn’t even in my cloud for 2 or 3 minutes total.

I have NextCloud installed on two separate servers and both on the same version with the same problems. It’s nearly worthless now. What in the hell happened???


v28.0.2 comes out next week which addresses at least some of the mentioned bugs. You can check the release notes for the latest release candidate if you wish. It’s here on the forum.



  1. What PHP version are you running?
  2. Are all required php modules installed?
  3. Have you tried testing with a different browser?
  4. How did you update the Nextcloud instance? (maintenance mode manually set to on? webserver stopped?)
  5. Restarting the web server makes a difference?
  6. From which Nextcloud version did you upgrade?

Hi everyone,

I really respect the people who have set up “Nextcloud” and are working on it here in their spare time.
In a few days Nextcloud V28 will be released for 2 months and it still doesn’t have the most basic functions of a cloud. E. G. Uploading multiple files by drag & drop via the browser. Now there is already talk about Nextcloud V29 which will be released in April. Wouldn’t it be better to get the current versions bug-free than to constantly bring new versions onto the market?

Hi, I can relate to some aspects of your comment (e.g. expiration for shares is broken, refresh of subscribed external ics calendar feeds is broken), but uploading by dropping multiple files in the browser works fine in the Nextcloud deployments that I’m aware of (Nextcloud 28.0.2 and Nextcloud 27.1.5, just checked with a Firefox 122 on Ubuntu 22.04)… it seems not to be a general issue for everyone…

No, it isn’t, I just checked on a 28.0.2 test instance, and I could upload multiple files via drag and drop and via the “+ New” button just fine. But it might have been an issue 17 days ago, when OP created this post.

@SMcCoy Statements like or “totally broken” or “nearly worthless” are probably mainly due to your frustration, which I can understand to some extent, but they do not help anyone, least of all those like yourself who are actually experiencing these issues.

This has been discussed here a zillion times, and no, they’re not going to change their release strategy any time soon. However, they can fix bugs and develop new features at the same time, and no you don’t have to upgrade to 29 as soon as it’s released.

Each Nextcloud major release is supported for about a year and most issues like the ones mentioned in this thread, can be avoided by simply waiting longer to update to a new major version, or by setting up a separate test server, or by reading in the forums whether certain issues occur frequently and assessing whether they will affect you or not, and if in doubt, wait with the update.

Yes, I realise that all of this involves a certain amount of extra effort compared to what we are used to today with mobile phone apps or desktop software, where you can run auto-updates and usually (not always) won’t expirience any major issues. But I guess that’s the price we have to pay for a software like Nextcloud to be completely free (free as in freedom and free as in beer), which seems fair to me.

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