V14 not detected in stable and production channels

I am using v13.0.6.
Stable & prod channels send me the same file as a result.
Beta channel provides 14.0.1

Should I install 14.0.0 above my 13.0.6, or do you plan to have the v14 available by standard channels ? Can you provide an estimate of availability ?


It will come. Just wait and you’ll get better working Nextcloud.

OK, missed the notification in Releases category.


a bit of searching before asking would be nice… :wink:

So for me the update to V14 is still not shown in the stable update channel. I checked a few days ago, and today again. I am running version 13.0.6. Is something wrong with my Nextcloud?

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I am also experiencing this problem. Two unrelated things:

  1. I previously, back in June or July if memory serves me well, “forced” an upgrade by temporarily switching channels. Could this in any way be the reason? I could do that again but would like to know and maybe help if the problem lies elsewhere.
  2. Nextcloud could make the gradual rollout procedure of upgrades more visible (on website, in release communication, top of forum) and more clear (has rollout been completed, what percentage has been serviced, has rollout been stopped for whatever reason)

I think there is a serious reason to keep the v14 “in slow motion release”.

Actually there are 14.0.2 RC Versions, that shows that there where more Patches made to v14 in a very short time.

Maybe it is a very good idea to wait and wait till there is a version that deserve the attrib “stable” right?


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On production channel, we got 13.0.7 and no 14.0.3

Would be nice to have an estimate, or news if v14 has been delayed on channels (whatever the reason)