Using web installer in

I am trying to install NextCloud to sync all my home files. I signed up for a free Woelki account and uploaded the web installer (setup-nextcloud.php) into my cloud space

However I simply can’t get the file to run. I have tried going to , and

I am not very technical and would appreciate it if you could tell me how to get the web installer to run

If you sign up at them you dont need to run the setup. That is a nextcloud provider and you signed up for an account there. Thats it. If you want to run it on your own you need a linux server or another kind of account.

I am not very technically savvy and don’t understand the process very well

  1. I understand that I have now signed up for a hosting account

  2. However I still need to create the NextCloud admin account - otherwise files are going to be synced in an unencrypted format. I only have signed on for the web hosting plan using the referral page - not NextCloud

I am using the instructions from this page

How do I now create the NextCloud setup within the hosted space?


If you have signed up at wölkli that is a nextcloud account. Not a hosting account. That account can be used to try it out and see how it works.

for a hosting account you need to find one that provides linux. in that article they mention 000webhost for example. But i would recommend a decent linux vps from for example linode or digital ocean. That is however a bit more techincal (but they describe it in that article)

I really appreciate your help with my questions

When creating this account, I was never asked to set up a NextCloud Admin account and the only options I see are for Wolkli

  1. I setup the windows desktop client and all the files are syncing unencrypted. For example, I uploaded a text file with the word Text. When I go to to the Wolkli website, that file and contents are clearly visible. Doesn’t that mean that there is no encryption occurring?

  2. Isn’t there an additional step of setting up a NextCloud admin account?


you can only get a user account on that. And it might be encrypted but as you sign in with your user it will be unencrypted. Unless you setup end to end encryption. But i don’t know if that works on wölkli.

If you setup your completly own server then you would have admin accounts.

Thanks. I was looking to set up an end to end encrypted account and don’t mind paying for that.

  1. Any recommendations for providers where I could easily set up a server

  2. The user manual is pretty technical for me to understand. Any instructions you can point me to for a non-techie to then set up next cloud. For example, I don’t even know what domain I would go to under your-domain/setup-nextcloud.php