Using translations for Collabora-Shares in Nextcloud-AIO

I am using Nextcloud-AIO in the most recent version and everything works perfectly - except for one thing.

When I share an office-file (ODT, ODS…) in the NC-Webinterface and open the link in a private browser, Nextcloud asks me for a Guest name:

Please enter the guest name you wish to use before proceeding to the document. If you don’t provide one, the default will be used.

I would like to have this translated to the language I have set everywhere in my Nextcloud (German) because I share this file with people who are not fluent in English. This particular string also seems to be already translated in this file, line 133, and the rest of Collabora is also in German - only this page is ignored.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Share a office-file via a link
  2. Open the link

Does anybody know how I can use the translation on this page?

Thanks in advance & have a nice day :slight_smile: