Using Talk with a Windows 7 client

I am working with TALK now. I have a few Android clients configured up and working not too badly. What I am looking for is a standalone client for Windows 7 / 10 that will work with TALK. Is there such a beast? Can someone tell me if the TALK protocol is something that is opensource or in house, if opensource what is the name of the actual protocol?

AFAIK there are no clients for the desktop, be it Windows or other. You can use Talk in the web view of your nextcloud installation.

It’s a pity there isn’t a desktop client (linux, windows and mac). It would be pretty useful on corporate environments where admins want to migrate from skype/webbex to open source tools and let the users use just the videoconferencing appllication.

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Agreed, or even an interface in the nextcloud server that would allow already existing clients to hook up. This might be the better solution, even if only offering a subset of the functions of the NextCloud server. This way, one API on the server could be written, and when complete there would be ready made clients for all platforms using that API.