Using SSD for System

Hey guys, I’m very new to nextcloud and I’m coming over from an old home-grown freenas system. I’m planning my first build with ubuntu running the latest nextcloud and I’m wondering about storage.

I planned on installing ubuntu, owncloud (as well as the database for it) on a single SSD and using a few IronWolf or WD Red drives in btrfs raid 10 for data storage.

My concern is - will there be significant wear on the SSD with owncloud + the database? As I said I’m fairly new, so if there are additional installation requirements for owncloud, they would also be on the SSD. The only thing I would put on the HDD array is data.

Thanks in advance!

The using of cache and good cache settings in your database can probably reduce the write processes on your SSD. SSDs have been out for a while and the professional models should be able to handle this.

Thanks, I’ve been poking around google and the forums and people mention this. However, I never see any examples of “good” cache settings. I found the docs on setting it up but I don’t know what constitutes “good”. Would you have any suggested tutorials, examples or guides I could follow?


I do not have a good tutorial right now, we should probably look for one and link it somewhere. There are the mysql-tuner and tuning-primer-scripts which connect to your database and analyse your runtime data to propose improvements to your configuration. The purpose is to keep caches and indexes in RAM and also to not waste any memory in not needed caches. Such settings heavily depend on your usage of the database, so there cannot be general recommendations.

You can also run some monitoring tools when your server is used. If you have a lot of i/o-waits in top, then you can probably improve some settings.