Using SFTP / SSHFS in conjuction with nextcloud?

Hello, I am new to Nextcloud and hope I put this in the right section.
I have setup Nextcloud on my server, and love it’s features, however there are a few uses for which I would like to be able to mount the server as a filesystem to my computer, to be able to use my own file manager and command line tools when I need them.
I’ve found that this is possible via webdav, however that did not work correctly for me (was not able to mount it, and copying files to it via Dolphin resulted in the modified times being lost)
I was advised to use SFTP or SSHFS for this purpose instead, after researching I’ve found threads here saying running SFTP access to the server in parallel to Nextcloud could lead to unwanted effects, and saying I should instead have a SFTP server and then mount that server as an external drive in Nextcloud
My worry with this is, could it still lead to anything unwanted occurring (for example if a file was accidentally accessed via both methods at the same time, or some features being unavailable with this sort of configuration), or even some other possible problems with this?

Let’s back up.

I’m using GNOME Files (aka Nautilus), but perhaps I can help you out.

  • What was the problem with Dolphin mounting, specifically?
  • Was the mtime issue with files or folders? (NC doesn’t maintain them for folders)

Alternatively, have you tried using the Nextcloud client for your use case?

Yes, there are ways of sharing storage between Nextcloud and other independent protocols (a lot of people seem to do it with SMB), but it’s generally best to avoid if the benefits don’t outweigh the rewards (still… there are cases where it makes sense).

Using the fstab mounting method, it fails completely.
connecting to the server without mounting from dolphin, all metadata (date modified) is lost when copying something
I think that overall using SFTP or SSHFS would work much better than WebDAV for me
The Nextcloud client doesn’t let me do anything I need to do (access files directly, and upload files), it only seems to let me sync files
I am not sure what exactly do you mean by “benefits don’t outweigh the rewards”, aren’t those both positive aspects?
What are the negative aspects of doing this?