Using rsync for data snapshots. How to restore nc-data directory?

I am using NextCloudPi to run my NextCloud.

I would like to use rsync to create snaphots of my NextCloud data directory (nc-data) onto an ext4 formatted HDD. I have successfully used this incremental, snapshot-style rsync backup system with my personal laptop home directory and have restored my data onto my laptop a number of times when upgrading my system or buying a new machine.

Would the following steps be enough to successfully restore my nc-data into a new installation of NextCloudPi?

Starting with a new installation of NextCloudPi, with the data dir being set as /media/USBdrive/nc-data:

Import my saved NextCloudPi configuration:


Restore my NextCloud configuration and database from a data-less backup:


Turn on maintenance mode while deleting and copying data files:

ncc maintenance:mode –on

Empty the nc-data directory which was just created in this new installation:

rm -r /media/USBdrive/nc-data/*

Copy and paste my nc-data-snapshot into the nc-data directory

cp -r /path/to/nc-data-snapshot/* /media/USBdrive/nc-data/

Make the Nextcloud instance aware of the restored data files:


Turn maintenance mode back off again:

ncc maintenance:mode -off

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