Using reverse proxy for next cloud on Truenas scale error

Hello! I setup nextcloud on truenas scale and everything works great within the network. I have t-mobile home internet so port forwarding isn’t an option. So I use Localxpose to create a reverse proxy to connect outside of network. When I type in the localxpose url into a browser, it redirects to the local ip address and doesn’t work (because I’m not on the local network). How do I prevent nextcloud from redirecting to the local up? I know it’s not Localxpose because I’m able to access truenas with no issues via the same method. Thanks for the help!

Make sure you’ve setup HowTo: Add a new trusted domain

Yup I did that as well as trusted proxies. I’ve even tried enabling all domains via /*/ as the “ip”. Still redirecting to the local ip.

Doesn’t seem like reverse proxy is possible with nextcloud then? Despite seeing everyone else say it is… Could I be setting something up wrong?