Using on existing instance

Hi guys, i want to use SSO with nextcloud and my idp Shibboleth.

It is possible keep the users data and they able to log through SAML at the same time?

Because i did try this but i keep getting the error " Account not provisioned.
Your account is not provisioned, access to this service is thus not possible."
(using SAML, normal log-in with LDAP works just fine)

The username on nextcloud is the UUID, for example: 03exxx94-2ac4-1033-xxx9-3bx19xxxx9d1
but the ldap of my company doesn’t have uid.

Just to clarify, i did not make the nextcloud install and don’t have total access to the ldap server. Just connect through shibboleth and seems working fine.

The problem i think is matching existing accounts using SAML instead of ldap.

thank you for your time.