Using Nextcloud since January 2020 and its doing a great job

I installed Nextcloud first time on a raspberry pi and rockpi X in January 2020 and since then I have tested talk and tried other but mostly using music app. I have completely replaced google drive or dropbox with nextcloud at home. since I installed it first time , I have managed to upgrade to latest version 25 and switched hardware.


And the change was due to performance of these devices? What did you change to?

And were you able to export/import everything to the new hardware?
I wasn’t even able to import to a new version of Linux on the same hardware.

I exported database and nextcloud/config/config.php with move to new hardware I install normally then I stop apache and in mysql rename the nextcloud table created and upload the database I back up earlier, then I restart apache to connect when nextcloud apache is running it uses new db and I ensure the mount that was specified in the config.php is correct.

I didn’t see any of that described in the export/import procedure.
Good for you that you’re so savvy about Nextcloud that you could do it.
In my opinion, either export/import should include all steps (preferably) or ALL STEPS must be well documented if any are impossible to automate.

Indeed, Nextcloud is doing a great job. I installed Owncloud in December 2013 the first time, on a Raspberry Pi 1. 2016 I migrated to Nextcloud. Actually, I run Nextcloud 27 on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB RAM). No pain …

You can copy the directories for Nextcloud, Nextcloud data and the databases to the new hardware. You should install the same software versions an the new hardware to do this.
What do you mean with “new version of Linux”? Did you upgrade your distribution? This should be no problem. Did you change the distribution? This can be a problem, because paths and ownerships may be different.

I should not have to copy anything anywhere if using the export/import.
It should just work.
I spent hour exporting tens of GB, then importing it into the new installation.
Then there was no way to get to the GUI page.
I gave up.
I commented here just so people know that you may get unlucky using what should be the easiest way: export-import.
Copying all sort of things in all sort of places seems to work if you’re into that, I was just a user that relied on export/import to work. It did not work for me.
They have been saying for a LONG time that it’s in Beta; how long does it take to get it out of Beta? It should be a priority rather than adding new features.

There is an app user_migration (User migration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud). It exports files, calendar and the user profile - user by user. I did not test it. Other data, e. g. from apps like Bookmarks, Music, Photos or something like that, may be lost. I do not know any way to export a complete instance. There are some hints in the Nextcloud documentation:
Backup — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation
In short: Backup your data directory, your config directory, your theme directory, your database.

I could not export my data, because my instance crashed with a file system error on the system disk. My data directory is placed on a separate SSD. My databases are stored on a separate disk, my home directories are stored on a separate disk.
I set up the server from scratch, migrating from Debian Buster (32 Bit) to Debian Bullseye (64 Bit), PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2, Nextcloud 25 to Nextcloud 27. This is, of course, much more than a recovery. I had to repair the database, it was corrupted because of the crash. But at the end the migration succeeded without any data loss.