Using Nextcloud as Drupal DAM

I am developing and maintaining an integration of nextcloud in drupal to use nextcloud as DAM (digital asset manager) for Drupal CMS. I am happy to announce that first steps are made and basic features work.
Code and drupal project can be found at Nextcloud DAM | .
Blog entry can be read at Nextcloud DAM, Nextcloud as digital asset manager integrated with Drupal | planet.communia.


Awesome! This is an interesting project. I have not used drupal personally for a long time but can see this being a very useful addition. With any CMS it can be a challenge to keep track of digital assets. wordpress has a good built in system but have not used that for a while myself either.

For a long time I have wished for something like this for discourse. It is well nigh impossible to manage uploads because of the way uploads are handled within discourse. Instead I linked to nextcloud folders and files to collaborate with people, and occasionally upload to discourse so files can be seen and discussed directly. It’s clunky sometimes.

Thank’s for your comment Tobias.
Well, Drupal also has a built-in media asset manager so is able to add metadata, reuse the same media, also add new fields to media entities. With nextcloud_dam module it makes possible to use nextcloud shares as source of drupal media entities.

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