Using NC 12 to collaborate on Apple´s Pages, Numbers, iCloud Drive?

Dear folx,

a somewhat special question. Although very difficult to deploy for me as a simple user, I love Nextcloud for its funtionallity, large memory I can use etc.

What I am missing is I cant do a collaboration on my Mac´s Pages and Numbers documents. That seems to be only possible, when the document is saved in the iCloud Drive, hence on apples servers.

Question: is there a way to “extend” my Nextcloud 12.0.1 in way that it also syncs some folders on my mac which are under the control of the iCloud Drive?

I store most of my professional documents on my Macs in the Nextcloud. Those folders are automatically shared with some other users on my nextcloud. However, more and more we need to use the instant collaboration feature, so I wonder if I can basically make the files available in my Nextcloud share, but also have it synced with iCloud Drive.

Does that make any sense? Any ideas here?


Not having a Mac at the moment I don’t know if the iCloud drive folders can be selected by the client, but @tflidd does so he can verify.

I don’t use iCloud-drive. I used the sync client to sync the folder to a local folder. I thought iCloud-Drive is probably a proprietary solution, so I would be astonished to see it working with Nextcloud (I’m open for surprises).
I never really worked with Pages and Numbers, I need software which works on all platforms.

You could try to point the Nextcloud client to your iCloud folder on your Mac. Then the contents would be synced to both.

Aside from that, did you look into Collabora CODE and Onlyoffice for collaboration on office documents? They are can be used with a browser on multiple platforms and integrate well with Nextcloud.