Using NAS folders?

Looked around online a bit and everyone says this should work as is, but it doesn’t.

I have been using Nextcloud for a while, but decided to use a remote NFS server for storage of data instead of locally ( various reasons ). I am not using Docker, but bare Debian, and its a fresh install of latest version. Mounted the NFS share under my NC user “files” folder. It wont see anything on the share.

Mounted it in another folder, did a symbolic link in my NC user Files folder. still nothing.

I set the folders to 777 ( its just me, so its overkill but safe ) and can see/edit the shared folders if i use terminal client, so its not a rights issue.

Is there some special key NC needs now to read these folders?

Nextcloud considers unique access to the normal data folder, so it relies on the filecache database and doesn’t check all the time if there were changes or not. You can use the external storage feature (you can even have external storage as the primary storage), where it checks for changes.

In the documentation there is a description for object storage:

I know in the past, that is was working with SMB as well (never really documented, probably required a few hacks that are hard to find) but I’m not sure if that is still working.

tks ill go read that doc too. I did a lot of searching everything i came up with was ‘works out of the box’ so if it does only an occasional refresh, that would explain things.


Ooo a quick glance, this wont work. Entire point is to share this data store with more than one consumer.

This seems like such a fundamental thing to do, will be a real shame if NC cant ‘share’ a back end file store.

If you use the NFS external storage, then it should be possible to reshare this via NC’s web interface with others.

While yes, that would technically work if i was sharing to other people, The goal instead was to share the actual data store with other applications.

( and without a lot of complicated mapping of webdav and stuff and hope things work. NFS is brain dead easy, and ‘just works’ )

Well, just a short update, i got 1/2 way there. By editing the config.php I moved the data directory to the NFS/NAS drive. Files and folders
added via NC DO show up as real objects, and are accessible via the NAS by other apps.

But it still wont let me add links to the data folder and read them. Nor can i add files directly to the NAS, even in this ‘new’ data folder.

I guess worse case i can create the folders and load them via NC ( most likely via webdav, its easier than the GUI for large amounts ), since they are visible to others. but it seems dumb NC cant read anything not dropped by it on the same share…

Oh, and i did try doing occ admin stuff like refreshing cache and repair again, but no difference. if that worked id be ok with the limitation as i could run it as a scheduled job or something.