Using multiple data directory (Multiple HDDs)

Hello, is it possible to use multiple “datadirectory” in the config.php? I’m using a dedicated server, and it would be so convenient if I could simply mount a new HDD and add the path to the Nextcloud config.php. This would allow me to easily add more storage to the server without having to create a complex RAID array.

Currently, I have an SSD for my Nextcloud installation and an 8TB HDD for my data directory. However, I’m uncertain about what to do when this disk is full, especially considering the high cost of 16TB drives. It would be nice if I could just add another 4TB to extend my existing 8TB setup.

I don’t think there such an option in NC. But you can definitely use RAID or file system supporting similar functionality e.g. with ZFS you could just add another drive to the “pool” hosting your data directory, even advanced options like tiering is possible. But don’t forget right backup strategy.

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