Using External storage as main Storage


I’m running a Nexctcloud instance in a Docker container on Openmediavault (18.0.2).
I set up external storage folders using Samba but am experiencing a few issues.
=> I would like to store the data on the raid drive of my OMV server and the Nextcloud system on my system SSD.

So I’m looking for another way to set it up.
Is it possible to do it ?

I do not use Docker. But normaly you can move your data-dir to the external device.

Usually, moving the “data”-folder to the new direction with editing the config.php and the database options in the SQL-table should do the trick - there was a nice thread in 2017 showing how to accomplish this - HowTo: Change / Move data directory after installation.

Maybe this helps?

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Thanks a lot it helped ! Even if I finally decided to reinstall everything in order to have a clean system !

But I have another problem : Nextcloud cannot write on my data drive :

Impossible de créer, ou d’écrire dans, le répertoire des données /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Data/Nextcloud"

Is there a way to change that and give write rights to nextcloud ?

[Edit] All good :slight_smile: