Using external mobile chat client


Would you please mention if there is a mobile chat client which works with NextCloud chat

For the JavaScript XMPP Client it depends on your backend. If you use an external XMPP server or our managed XMPP server you can use every XMPP client you like. For example on Android Conversations or on Windows Pidgin.

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No, I am using the NextCloud plugin and I dint have an external server. So you mean for internal NC ojsxc it would not possible to use a client app ?

So you mean for internal NC ojsxc it would not possible to use a client app ?

That’s right, but try our managed server backend :wink:

Thats a nice idea, but I can´t believe that it will work psychologically. You offer a free service that is totally hassle free and wonderful. Thats the same offer that is google, microsoft, facebook or apple giving us all the time.

Don´t get me wrong. Its great that it exist, but nextcloud-users (in my definition) are people who want to host their stuff in their own controlled zone without huge and complex technical-excesses for setup and use.

I´m aiming for a solution for messenging in the family through my nextcloud installation (have only webspace with php/mysql, no linux server). So for me, a external client would be neccessary.

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even if the ojsxc-devs would hate me now… but why not trying talk?

So for me, a external client would be neccessary

I understand this use case, but we have no capacity to implement this. Maybe Nextcloud talk satisfies you.

even if the ojsxc -devs would hate me now…

We don’t hate you :wink:. Nextcloud talk is a great piece of software and they have more man power than we, so the development is quite fast.

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phew i feel kinda relieved now…
and to be honest: i am fully aware of YOUR nice piece of work since i used it on my server for a long time myself, as well.

so… i am still full of respect for what you guys do there. and i know you don’t hate me… this was a just a bit tongue in cheek :wink:

i thought that it might be a fast solution for this guy… since he just mentioned “chat” and no “video”. talk works as a chat as well. i tried that. but maybe - with some poor hardware in the background - it would be too slow to use

I tried it and Talk does the job in the simplest way. On iOS it has no push notification (simple said: stays dark) and it can´t send images or direct a pic from the camera. So XMPP would be a better one…so I hope for it.

So XMPP would be a better one…so I hope for it.

If you have time it would be great if you could extend our internal backend by the authentication part, because I think this is more or less the only thing which is missing. It should not take that much time. If you are interested, send me a pm or mail.