Using Appointments with external Google Calendar

Nextcloud version: 28.0.6
Operating system and version: Windows 11

Hi, I hope someone could point me in the right direction!

I imported a personal Google Calendar as a read-only external calendar and I would like Appointments to check against it when displaying my free timeslots for eg. business calls.
However, the space under “Additional calendars to check for conflicts” appears empty, so I can’t select the Google calendar.

Is this feature simply not an available feature at the moment with external calendars or do you have a suggestion on how I could proceed?

You didn’t import the calendar, you subscribed to it. That’s different. As far as I know, subscribed calendars are only displayed and you cannot access their appointments as you wish.

Much and good luck,

Ah, I see the distinction, thank you. However that means that it only works if I import the Google Calendar and only use it within Nextcloud, as it wouldn’t sync with the original one. I would prefer to still be able to use Google Calendar on eg. my phone!

You can use Google Calendar on your phone but you can use your Nextcloud hosted calendar on your phone as well, even in your google calendar.

So you will have to choose in what Calendar to add your apointments. google means read only in Nextcloud, or a Nextcloud hosted calendar synched by the DAVx⁵ App and you have the “check for conflicts with other (Nextcloud) calendars” -Feature.

I hope you are not disapointed now :wink:


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That did clear up my question, thank you! However I wish Google Calendars could be added to Nextcloud in an editable manner to ease adoption, as having to set up another app does add a level of inconvenience!