Using an external FreeNas dataset as storage

I (think I) want to run NextCloud in a Linux container on my Proxmox box, and create a dedicated dataset for NextCloud usage on my other FreeNas box which is on the same subnet. I know I can run NextCloud as a plugin from within Freenas, but I don’t want to do that because reasons. I basically want to keep all storage on my NAS and simply use NextCloud as a frontend portal to unify access across devices and from various locations etc. Something like that.

So I’d like to know if this sounds like a stupid idea, and if not then what search terms do I put into google and/or can someone in broad terms explain what steps I need to take, or what pages in the fcking manual I should focus on.


Just to add a line about what my current thinking is, I’m looking into adding a CIFS storage point in Proxmox and using that as the Nextcloud storage. Not sure if I’m on the right track–hopefully someone can set me straight before I waste too much time in the wrong rabbit hole.

This is a plausible and often used setup - separate “disks” for the system and data…

I haven’t used Proxmox (my understanding, some virtualization tech).
But normally (when doing it manually), I’d install Nextcloud on a Ubuntu VM.
And before starting the last web-based part of the setup, mount an external disk for data.
When running the setup, point to this disk…

If you are going to mount this disk over CIFS, it should work.
I have only used ESXi and NFS/iSCSI storage, have no hands-on experience with CIFS.

Make sure your network is fast enough and not too busy…

Thanks. I’ll give it a go and see how far I get.