Users from LDAP without memberOf overlay

Hi nextcloud community!
I’m facing an situation where I’m stuck and do not know how to proceed:

I have a running nextCloud and have successfully connected the nextCloud to my openldap server for user authentication and group mappings.

Unfortunately my ldap does not properly support the memberOf overlay thus, I do not have an user attribute “memberOf” for each of my users in the ldap.
This means, that all users in the ldap now have access to the nextCloud and I can not restrict it.

Sidenote: I’m using fuisondirectory to manage my users and groups and I can not enable the memberOf overlay in fusiondirectoy to work properly.

Is there a way to configure the ldap authentication to check for the users in the groups first?
Any suggestions are highly appreciated, also other techniques would help me!

Thanks and best regards

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Hi has there been any progress on the subject of this query?. I would also like to filter on the “memberUids” in a group instead of “memberof”.

Best Regards
Stefan Sundberg

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Bump, same as above.

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Hello Frank,

I just read you successfuly achieved group mapping between NC and Fusiondirectory without member-of overlay. Great !, you are one step further than me :slight_smile: , Yesterday I’ve posted a question asking how to do it :

Could you describe how you did it ?

Thanks in advance for your help !