Users disconnect from calls every ~25 minutes

This is really unfortunate as otherwise Talk would be brilliant solution. Any idea what it could be caused by?

Nextcloud version (eg, 24.0.1): 27.1.3
Talk Server version (eg, 14.0.2): 17.1.2
Custom Signaling server configured: no
Custom TURN server configured: yes
Custom STUN server configured: no (

Operating system (eg, Windows/Ubuntu/…): Ubuntu, Windows
Browser name and version (eg, Chrome v101): Vivaldi 6.4.3160.42, Chrome

The issue you are facing:

Every 25 minutes, users disconnect from the call. It appears to be individual for each user; when one user joined the call one minute later than another, then they will also disconnect one minute later.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?
No, it probably always occurred since we set up our Nextcloud instance a couple of months ago - just having started used Talk more frequently recently.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Start a call and have at least two participants join
  2. Wait 25 minutes
  3. Notice that you disconnect. This message appears:
The conversation does not exist
Join a conversation or start a new one!
  1. However, the conversation does in fact still exist and can be re-joined.

As for logged errors, I only got these:

[core] Error: OC\User\NoUserException: Backends provided no user object at <<closure>>

 0. <<closure>>
 1. /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Node/LazyFolder.php line 74
    call_user_func_array([["OC\\Files\\No ... "], [""])
 2. /var/www/html/lib/private/Files/Node/LazyRoot.php line 40
    OC\Files\Node\LazyFolder->__call("getUserFolder", [""])
 3. /var/www/html/custom_apps/groupfolders/lib/Versions/VersionsBackend.php line 73
 4. /var/www/html/custom_apps/groupfolders/lib/Versions/GroupVersionsExpireManager.php line 72
    OCA\GroupFolders\Versions\VersionsBackend->getVersionsForFile(["OC\\User\\User"], ["OC\\Files\\FileInfo"])
 5. /var/www/html/custom_apps/groupfolders/lib/Versions/GroupVersionsExpireManager.php line 59
    OCA\GroupFolders\Versions\GroupVersionsExpireManager->expireFolder([1,"Art directio ... e])
 6. /var/www/html/custom_apps/groupfolders/lib/BackgroundJob/ExpireGroupVersions.php line 43
 7. /var/www/html/lib/public/BackgroundJob/Job.php line 81
 8. /var/www/html/lib/public/BackgroundJob/TimedJob.php line 103
 9. /var/www/html/lib/public/BackgroundJob/TimedJob.php line 93
10. /var/www/html/cron.php line 152
    OCP\BackgroundJob\TimedJob->execute(["OC\\BackgroundJob\\JobList"], ["OC\\Log"])

at 2023-11-21T02:45:00+00:00

The output of your Apache/nginx/system log in /var/log/____:
I can’t seem to find any of those in the docker container.

Your browser log if relevant (javascript console log, network log, etc.):

Just before users are thrown out of the conversation, this is being logged to the JS console:


I’ve had to screen capture the console because when it happens the page reloads (causing a console clear).

By now:
Nextcloud version (eg, 24.0.1) : 28.0.2
Talk Server version (eg, 14.0.2) : 18.0.3