Users can't delete files

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 15.0.4

We’re using nextcloud for an Kenyan NGO. The problem we’re facing is:
Users can’t delete files. We are working with shared folders and permissions to work on one ore more folders. Users can move files but are unable to delete. IS there enyway to configure that all users can delete files? I’ve checked the setting and they are saying that all useres can delete files.

Please help!!

Many thanks!

I would expect that files can be deleted, as long as you set the “enable edits” on sharing a folder. Are there any errors displayed when trying to delete a file? Is there anything logged within Nextcloud when a deletion fails?

BTW, end of support for Nextcloud 15.x has been declared for end of December this year. You should think about updating your installation to v17 asap :wink:

We’ve created groups, and all members of the group should be able to delete.
I did see the settings on a user, but not on a group.

Should i add the users to the shared folder?

Thanks for the help! I really appriciate it.

I’ve just checked the sharing options for a directory and both, a single user and a group are having an option to enabled edits?!


It’s all one… I’m sorry, i just can’t get into this…
But, i’ve updated to V16 :slight_smile:

Ok, I think we’re looking at different configuration options. These are the options of a shared folder in the directory tree on my server with the mentioned dialog:

Thanks!! This was the solution!!
Many many thanks!