Users can delete shared folders without permissions


I have a problem with nextcloud 11 :sweat:

Steps to reproduce :

Create a new folder and share with a group
Remove the all edit permissions
Login with the user of the group and delete the shared folder without permissions
Expected behaviour

Without permissions the user of the group should not have the possibility to remove the shared folder.

Snif snif , It’s not good for employee of my company.
Thank you for your help


Have you checked if the folder is really deleted on the account that owns and shared the folder?
Actually Nextcloud allows users to remove shared folders/ files from their folder/ file list, but the folders/ files are not really deleted.
This is a practical feature if the share owner forgets to remove the share after a while and the user (with whom the file/ folder was shared) wants to clean up.
This is not a bug then, this is functioning as designed.

If you want to have a feature like a check box “don’t allow removal of this share”, you could open a feature request.

I hope this helps.

Thank you very much Schmu for your reply. Yes I confirm that the directory is not actually deleted. But I share documents with my employees and the fact of not having the possibility of these erasures is problematic for me.
Especially since this applies only to the first shared directory, subsequently the subdirectories are blocked.

Would a person know how to change the settings for this? thank you

Okay, I see.
Unfortunately I’m not aware of any option that will help you achieve your goal.

What makes me curious is what you wrote about blocked subdirectories. What do you mean by that? In what way are subdirectories blocked? Does blocked mean, that the sharer can’t edit/ change these subfolders (the name for example)?
Maybe there is a bug we should report.

I have the same problem

If I put permission on the folder. User can delete it

If I put permission (reading only) to each document. The document is deleted then come back with sync. It is normal because this document is not deleted in fact.

If one employee delete the directory he lost all. I can delete the share and share again to the group the he got documents.

Same problem here. I need to have shares which can’t be deleted by users. Is there a way to do this by now? I run nextcloud 18.0.1