Usernames without subdomain (federation)

Federation seems pretty straight forward with Nextcloud :slight_smile:

“Sharing files across Nextcloud servers is as easy as sending an email from a Gmail address to a Yahoo account! Instead of an email address, you use a Federated Cloud ID .”

My question here is: If Nextcloud is installed on a subdomain, can we drop the subdomain from the username?

Example: instead of sharing a file with is there away to share with instead?

Any answers or suggestions are appreciated

I think it is not possible, because an extern nextcloud must access the right scripts e.g. remote.php . Perhaps you can use rewrite (.htaccess) on your domain. But then in nextcloud there is the the subdomain registered.
Another way is to use domain for webspace and nextcloud. I think you must then move the nexzcloud login and change .htaccess .

Probably not possible right now. But XMPP for example can do something similar with SRV dns records, or maybe a redirect with .well-known could be supported?

But it seems to have never been merged.

I have just commented on the linked MR on GH, lets just maybe all comment there and it might get noticed. It ended up as stale and I think that it has potential.