Usermanagement: New user can see all files / folders

I am using the newest nc appliance and I installed it just one week ago.

My problem is: I want to have a real user management - but I cant find it.
Yes, I can add user / groups, but cant add / deny any user rights.

I am admin of my cloud, and I want to add user, and want to share just specific folders to each of them. So I added a user (Lets say USER2), put it in into a new group. But if I log on with USER2, USER2 can see ALL my folder / files - and I dont know how to deny it. And no, this new user is not in the admin group …

Can you give ma a hint?


Are you really sure that these are your files? You know that each user is created with a number of default files…

Yes, I am sure - I synchronysed all my pictures … that are no default files :slight_smile:

Ok, now I got it - thanks for the hint @tflidd
I added an external (but local) storage for all my files. But this external storage had permissions for all users. I changed it now to the admin group. All other folders, that I could see, were in fact “default” folder, that were empty.
Now I can see with “USER2” only his default folders, and the shared folder of my external storage. Thats what I wanted!