User www-data doesn't exist on docker installation

I run nextcloud in docker on my unraid server and just transferred some videos directly from an SD card into my nextcloud folder using rsync. The nextcloud documentation recommends using an occ files:scan command after doing this as user www-data. This user doesn’t exist on my installation, is there an issue if I run as root? Also the data transferred through nextcloud app or browser session has permissions 666 with owner being a user named ‘abc’ whereas the data l videos I transferred with rsync are owned by root. Do I need to change this too?


There are numerous Docker images. You didn’t state which one. They all have different OS bases and UID preferences.

The traditional Nextcloud Docker uses www-data.

What’s important is that the ownership (and the user used for running occ) matches your existing Nextcloud data files. It sounds like that is abc for you. I believe that’s the Docker image.