User storage quota not showing

Nextcloud version 18.0.3:
Debian 10:
Apache Version 2.4.38:
PHP version 7.3

Hey Nextcloud community. I’m pretty new to the game. I setup my server, solved all the security and setup warnings, and everything is working fine so far. But when I wan’t to edit my user settings, I can’t see, what current storage quota someone has. Looking into firefox inspektor, I can see a span object with the storage quota in it, but I can’t see it on the website itself.

I have no idea, what could cause this. Is this even my fault?

I can paste some config files if needed.

A screenshot of my users page:

2020-04-17 11_53_56-

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I’m experiencing this same issue. Sounds like a glitch in the user management app that they are working on.

Thanks. I thought it was something like this

Fixed in 18.0.4