User Storage Quota Limits

Has anyone experienced user storage limit resetting to the default 1Gb? On two occasions now I have I noticed after setting users storage limit to 10Gb, it would somehow revert back to 1Gb. I cant seem to figure this one out. Would appreciate if someone could provide some insight on this. Thank you.

on my instance with NC 16 I have the default “unlimited” and if I select “default”, it resets correctly to "unlimited after reload of the users settings page.

But another question: is it possible to set the Quota to something other than 1GB, 5GB or 10GB?

I would like to set it to 7GB for one user

I have not seen this, but one thing you might look at is quotas can be set at both the user and group level. Make sure you aren’t inadvertently overriding it.

yes it is!

just do it. (the forum knows how - but it’s as easy as setting your cursor into the field and then just enter another value. you even could give out MB)

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thx, that was not intuitively visible for me :wink: