User-quote not really working

I’m using NC 24.0.7 on my own server. My clients are all family-members, who upload their photos onto the server.

Now the problem: the quota-settings made from webinterface are not working (any more) as I expect it. If the setting for a user is “1 GB” or “unlimited” then the setting are stored and working. The settings “5 GB”, “10 GB” or “standard-quota” can be set, but if I update the page, the setting reads “0 B” and true to that a user can not upload anything.

The nc-error.log shows nothing (it’s at /var/log/apache2?)

I tried to find out, how to set the quota via occ, but found nothing for existing users.
Nearly forgotten: disk space is plenty …

Any hint, where to drill for the solution?


I think with occ user:setting you can set the quota. Not sure of the exact syntax. I think it will be like:

occ user:setting username files quota "5 GB"

Ok. And how to read it? I set the quota for one user to “5 GB”. In the web-GUI he has now “1 GB” …


Saw the update, installed it and the problem seems to be no issue any more.