User permission with "external storage"

Nextcloud Version: 18.0.2
Operating system and version: OpenMediaVault 5.3.4
PHP version: 7.3.15


I’m new to Nextcloud and OMV so to setup everything took me a while. (total noob here)
Therefore I look for help here.

First, my installation.

i7 3770k
Sabertooth Z77
32 GB Ram (@1866)
3 SSD (2x 128GB, 1x 256 GB)

Software setup
on one 128GB SSD is OMV 5.3.4 installd. It runs Nextcloud in a docker.
My HDDs are mounted as a ZFS Z1 array and are mounted to my Nextcloud as an “external Storage”

What are my final goals.

I want to host my own server with my own cloud. I want to be able to access it worldwide and be able to share my files easly and grant others access to it.

My Q:

I will have diffrent users that access to my NC and I want that they have diffrent permission depending on there type of user. Like the “guest/public”-user should only be able to see the public folder and has only read permission. While “User A” is able to have w/r permission as full permission to his own dedicated folder.

I know that there is this plugin “Group Folders” but it does not work for my setup. With this plugin I can only creat group shares on the main drive where NC is installd (SSD). I cannot select any diffrent drive. I wish I could mount my HDD array to NC as “main drive” and not only as an “external storage” but I didn’t find anything to this.

Is there a way to a) manage permission for folders on an external storage or b) is there a way how I can mount my HDD array to my NC as a main drive array so that I can use the group folder plugin?

Thank you for any help or inputs

I mostly use btrfs nowdays, used to be LVM, which still works fine, to create a single volume over several drives.
I’d use for example

mkfs.btrfs /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sde

to create a single volume,
mount it as if it is a single drive to: /, /home, or wherever suits you.
install OS and NC

So that I understand your right. with this, I would have to complet reinstall my ovm and NC and put it on the same volume as later my date will be ?
this might be a simple solution but not something I want to do. I want to have my install (OS, NC, etc) separately from my data. This is also the reason why I use ZFS. If a drive fails, I can just replace it. I don’t want to have my OS on them. also performance wise I want to have the OS separately.

Is there no other solution? Can I not mount a Volume to NC ( while it’s in docker)

Perhaps you can use from “external storage” the option “local”.
But i think it is better to move all data from your nextcloud-data-dir to the external hdd/ssd. t
Then you can after change config/config.php scan with occ and all should be fine.

You can keep OS and NC on /dev/sda
Pool any nbr of drives (sdb sdc sdd ) into a single mount/volume for NC data.
And maybe a second pool (sde sdf sdg) for backups.

Well my 3 4TB Drives are pooled together to one volume but I could only Mount it to my NC as an external drive. how can I mount it directly to NC? I’m really new to this so maybe I ask stupid questions but I could not find a solution on Google…

As you said you are new to NC, I’d suggest read a bit about how it stores data, and how you can move data to another drive here.

With docker, once the volume is mounted to the system, I’d use -v to mount NC container /data folder to the volume as exampled from here

-v /media/myvolume/ncdata:/data

My Docker knowledge is minimal, only use it for testing occasionally.
Afaik www-data needs ownership of /ncdata

Thank you for your help. I will get into it at the weekend and will post my Feedback if I found a solution.