User permission to upload only

I want to create an user that has permission to upload files but don’t allow that user to download or open (in case it is a video, photo or document) them. Can I do that? How?

You don’T need a User for that. With the following sharing options, the user can only see the Files he has uploaded to the folder:

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I know about that feature, I have used it sometimes, but I wonder if there is a way to assign those permissions to an user, as I said:

  • User can upload but not download, delete, edit or even open the file in browser.

Main reason for this is because the anonymous upload don’t show upload progress or some errors related with server space.

Sounds to me like it would be worth filling an issue about anonymous upload not having the full featureset of a logged in user upload…

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It just sounds like any bank.

Where can I fill an issue?

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Anyways I’m still wondering if there is any way to achieve those user permissions.


But there may be in time.

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I have filled an issue in case you want to support it