User migration with MFA from ver 19 to 26


I am on ver 19.0.13. I am planning to install new system for clean start Ver 26.

I want to migrate users to new instance including MFA for all users. Please advise if any tool or guide is available.

Has anyone done this before and challenges face?

Appreciate any response / advise on above please.

Thank You,
Chirag Patel

This is basically a backup and restore.
Plan carefully. Update as much as possible on current system. Create backup.
Import the backup to the new system and update successively to the current version.

Thank you much Ernolf for quick response,

I am completely new to the system.
Can you please suggest any article for the back up and restore process?

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First of all the Manual. One should always read the manuals thoroughly!

You should “practice” the backup and restore process regularly. So that you know quickly what to do in an emergency. In addition, always create backups and plan well! Backup is a science in itself :wink:

Hope this helps.

Much luck!

Thank you appreciate quick responses and documentations. :pray:

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Hi Ernolf,

I know you already answered but wanted to re confirm. Backup and restore process will migrate Users, credentials, MFA and content from nextcloud version 19 to current I am trying on 27.0.1?

Thank You,

Hi Ernolf,

I was able to restore the DB successfully without error. After restore the admin login from other server is working it accepts the password but instead of login it gives internal server error.

SQL is running I see the list of users from the current server. Any advise please.


You should restore a complete backup. In other words, the server files, the user files (data-directory) and the database. So when you make a backup from nextcloud 19, you restore Nextcloud 19. Then you can update step by step. You can not jump from 19 to 27.

It is all described in the manual which you should READ. Every single word written in the manual is the price you have to pay, to get a software for free (as free beer).
Click on Image for Link:


Thank you Ernolf,

I see I was jumping versions. I will try 20 and on.