User location file size too big

Dear Nextcloud team,

4.0K ./cache
7.3G ./files
423G ./files_trashbin
19G ./files_versions
4.0K ./uploads
449G total


4.5G ./files
4.0K ./keys
419G ./versions
423G total

Above information i have one issue related to my user directory “version” store almost using the full of HDD. So can i delete this directory and any problem?

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It seems that you’ve activated the files_version app but need to adjust its configuration. Here you will find information about the available options:

Additionally I recommend not to delete the folder manually but to use the available occ-command to do the job:

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now i manually delete and edit configured file on config.php on my nextcloud version 16.0

‘versions_retention_obligation’ => ‘auto,90’,

auto, D
Delete all versions that are older than D days automatically, delete other versions according to expiration rules

Thanks for your support.

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