User limitations in nextcloud

I have installed nextcloud from Community Projects > tar file to use this in our client’s environment. The only feature we use is the file storing mechanism built in nextcloud, ldap plugin and Onlyoffice docs. I am not able to understand whether nextcloud (the one I have installed) has a user limitation

The client environment has around 50k ldap users in their server but there will be most likely no more active users than 1k-2k at a single time. Environment also doesnt have any internet connectivity and is completely private network so we need a self hosted solution.

In my test environment ldap server I created 1.5k users and connected nextcloud to it without any issues aside from performance hits

I want to ask if there are any user limitations for such scenario in nextcloud.

Read first Nextcloud Fair Use Policy and NGO program. In principle, this is right and good.

In my opinion Nextcloud is AGPL and you can use as much user as you like for free. There is no limit for the AGPL part. The only problem is at 500 or 1000 users you can not use some features hosted by Nextcloud GmbH e.g. push notifications and app store and that is ok. But the bigger problem than the push notifications is the stupid message at login if you have got more users. Unfortunately, it is also not possible for a developer to simply program the push functionality to be disableable? Would be quite good if you could separate the free from the non-free parts.

Read my thread.

Do you use mobile devices? If not you do not need the push notifications. Read this for details for push notifications.

No, there are no mobile devices just a big LAN

Also, I want to ask, what about the performance? my test environment has 2k users but only one logs in at a time which doesn’t count for the real scenario

This is a community forum. You will not get really professional answers. If you want to use it commercially (also on-prem in LAN) you can of course buy commercial support from Nextcloud GmbH. Enterprise - Nextcloud I think this is also possible if you give them VPN access to your installation.

Here a link to a very big installation if you are interested in it:

Thanks. My aim was to understand what kind of enterprise edition is needed for our specific needs since it does not rely on particular enterprise features

Contact Nextcloud GmbH. This is literally the question they answer for a living. They have teams dedicated to it. :slight_smile:

It’s not about enterprise features - all Nextcloud instances have all features - it’s about your use case. It’s by definition enterprise due to the user quantity, presumed benefit to the user base (and importance if doesn’t function as desired), and the scalability of the architecture to support the simultaneous user count. This is not a single server deployment.